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Nitrogen Fertilizer Ammonium Chloride Granular

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Nitrogen containing 24% ~ 26%, white or slightly yellow square or octahedral small crystals, available in powder and granular forms. Granular ammonium chloride is not easy to absorb moisture and is easy to store, while powdered ammonium chloride is more used Production of basic fertilizers for compound fertilizers. It is a physiological acid fertilizer. It is not suitable for application on acid soil and saline soil because it contains more chlorine. It is not suitable for seed fertilizer, rice field fertilizer or foliar fertilizer, nor for chlorine sensitive crops (such as tobacco, potatoes, citrus, tea trees, etc.) ) On application. Ammonium chloride is used in paddy fields with high fertilizer efficiency and stability, because C1 can not only inhibit nitrification in paddy fields, but also facilitate the formation of rice stalk fibers, increase toughness, and reduce rice lodging and pest invasion.

Items Specification
NH4CL(on dry basis) 99.5%min
Moisture 0.7%max
Remnant of combustion 0.4%max
Fe 0.001%max
Heavy metal 0.0005%max
Sulphate  0.02%max
PH(200g/L,25ºC) 4.0-5.8

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Product Name: Ammonium chloride ... We had better not use ammonium chloride as fertilizers for tobacco, potatoes, grapes, citrus, tea trees and other "avoid 

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Jun 19, 2013 - Nitrate fertilizers: As the name, 'nitrate fertilzers' indicates, ,. these fertilizers contain nitrogen in nitrate form ... Ammonium chloride 24-26% N ... This is, in fact, a chemical mixture of ammonium nitrate with calcium carbonate


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Urea, ammonium sulphate, potassium chloride and potassium sulphate. 2. ... primary plant nutrients of which two primary nutrients are in chemical combination
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